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How does HiringCenter differ from similar recruiting products and services available on the market?

Most recruiting products and services address only part of the candidate sourcing solution (ex. a recruiting website). If your company buys just part of the solution, the other components must be provided by in-house efforts or other vendors.

HiringCenter operates from a recruitment process outsourcing paradigm. It allows a company to completely outsource the candidate sourcing portion of the recruiting process for the purpose of improving effectiveness and lowering costs.

Because HiringCenter is accountable for the entire candidate sourcing process results are guaranteed. This accountability eliminates the blaming and finger-pointing that happens when end results do not meet expectations.

To compare and contrast HiringCenter to a specific product or service, schedule a HiringCenter demonstration and a representative will answer your specific questions.

Is HiringCenter customized for our company?

Yes. Every HiringCenter implementation is customized to have the look and feel of your company’s own website. For most people, it is difficult to recognize that they have navigated away from your company’s website and into the HiringCenter application. The HiringCenter recruiting process is designed to support your company’s brand and reputation.

How do candidates find our company’s HiringCenter?

HiringCenter drives candidates to your HiringCenter via a number of different internet marketing strategies. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, about 30% of workers in the United States are engaged in some mode of job search at any given time. While many of these individuals are good candidates for a career in real estate, very few of these individuals are consciously looking for employment as real estate agents.

HiringCenter uses both psychological and marketing techniques to engage the interests of these potential candidates on behalf of our clients. Without proactive and effective advertising, recruiting tools are significantly underutilized.

What kind of candidate volume can our company expect?

Some of our customers capture as few as 50 candidates per month, while larger clients capture more than 500 candidates per month. The candidate volume depends upon the size of the metropolitan area in which HiringCenter is sourcing and the size of the advertising budget applied to the effort.

Is there a way to measure the quality of the candidates?

Based on the anecdotal feedback of our existing clients, the competencies, skills and experience of candidates sourced through the HiringCenter process are above average compared to the candidates sourced through conventional means.

To measure the quality of candidates, hiring managers are asked to rate the quality of the candidates after the interview on a scale of one (excellent), two (good), three (fair), or four (poor). These ratings allow quality benchmarks to be established for a particular company. In a recent case study in Portland, Oregon, 100 interviews were conducted over a 75 day period. The average post-interview rating was 1.45 (midway between excellent and good).

Does HiringCenter guarantee results?

Yes. Because HiringCenter manages the marketing process to drive candidates into the HiringCenter application, the flow of candidates can be measured and controlled. This marketing process has been honed to the point where HiringCenter can guarantee to deliver a pre-negotiated number of candidates to a customer’s HiringCenter application.

How could our company effectively manage such a high candidate flow?

HiringCenter is an end-to-end recruiting process management system. While generating a sufficient flow of candidates is important, the execution of the recruiting process after a candidate is identified is essential.

HiringCenter equips the customer to efficiently manage every step of the recruiting process through a proprietary web-based recruiting platform called the recruiting dashboard. By using the recruiting dashboard, our clients have been able to create new efficiencies and increased accountability in the recruiting processes. To learn about the specifics of the recruiting dashboard, schedule a HiringCenter demonstration.

Don’t we risk allowing managers to become lazy concerning their recruiting responsibilities?

HiringCenter is intended to supplement your company’s existing recruiting process, not replace it. If your managers are already recruiting on their own, the HiringCenter process will serve to increase their effectiveness.

HiringCenter generally functions independent of managers. The only exception to this rule is when a manager’s time is scheduled to conduct a face-to-face interview. Outside of this important task, a manager’s time is free to perform their normal non-HiringCenter recruiting activities such a prospecting, meeting with experienced agents, post-interview follow-up etc.